list of services

Design-study includes set of activities and projects:


-Idea – concept;

-Study project;

-Design project

            plan with dimensions

            plan of old constructions that’ll be pulled down

            plan of new constructions that’ll be built

            disposition scheme of sanitary equipment

            plan of furniture arrangement

            plan of ceilings

            plan of lamps disposition

            plan of light activation

            plan of electrical installations

            list of lighting equipment

            plan of floors with descriptions

            wall elevations

            construction details

            list of finishing materials

-Project documentation of engineering infrastructure:

            heating, ventilation, water and canalization system,

            electrical equipment

-author`s supervision of project

-re-planning permission

-furniture and accessories selection

- art-work:

         paintings, graphics

         decoration, arabesque, frieze

         furniture decoration

         leather and textile decoration

         ‘old classic’ decorations, gilding, craquelure

         sculpture, bass-relief

         ornamental fretwork